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Geordi Loves CthulhuGeordi’s parents didn’t do him any favors when they named him after their favorite Star Trek character, or when they sent him to a private school full of rich white kids. Always awkward and overwhelmed by crowds, he stuck to himself. College was when he was supposed to grow up and get over being a teenager, but instead he got better at avoiding people. One day, he challenges himself to compete in a cosplay competition at an anime convention. Geordi’s blown away when he wins third place and even makes a few friends. He thought it was the beginning of a change, and he didn’t know how right he was.

Warning: This dubious consent erotica contains hot sex with tentacle aliens.


He dragged me before him and his blue eyes glowed with fury. He seized each of my limbs and held me spread-eagle in the water.

I closed my eyes, expecting him to tear through my body. The rough tips of his tentacle touched my face. The hard suckers opened my lips. His hands smoothed over the muscles of my arms, and something hard nudged my thigh.

He kissed me, his icy lips lightly brushing over mine. A firmer kiss on the corner of my mouth and then a pitter patter of kisses to my throat. He placed a lusty kiss there, taking a moment to worry my flesh with his broad, flat teeth.

I moaned a little and, to my shame, ground on his thigh. It turned me on, his brute strength, his power over me.

He embraced me and rubbed his cheek against my face, his skin cool and sleek against mine. My cock jumped. I was his to command, his to ravage. I trembled and turned my mouth to him, joining our lips.

He loosened his grip, and for a moment I clung to him. Remembering myself, I had been kidnapped off the streets and surgically altered to breathe underwater, I shot to the surface. The sensuous way his appendages unwound from my limbs—the tips of the suckers trailing on my flesh—made me want to go back into the water, but my stubbornness wouldn’t allow it.