Delacroix [Public domain], via WikiPaintings


I had just followed Jafari out the door when a hand fell on my shoulder. I twisted around and my blood froze to see Hewa standing there, a smile on her face.

“We have been neglecting you,” she said.

“N… no…” I stammered.

She took my hand and said, “Yes, we have. Come with me, no arguing.”

This is an original story, chronicling how three of the characters of my upcoming novelette, The Vampire’s Gallery, met. The modern Jafari (and the first two chapters of my upcoming novelette) are included in Short Smut, as “Internet Dating Bites.” What you missed of this story can be found here. It’s part of Six Sentence Sunday. Click the link for more awesome stories!

Please note: This is set around 1 BC, and is light when it comes to historical accuracy. I mean, no one’s going to whip out some matches or a PSP, but there are probably details I’ll get wrong.