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When I think of alpha males, my mind immediately turns toward the craggy Edward Rochester. Were I to rewrite the scene where Mr. Rochester pretends to be a gypsy, I would end it with Jane dumping a glass of water over his head, or maybe a purple nurple. He’s beyond exasperating with his half-muttered endearments and strange requests. He never deigns to explain himself. In a room full of gay society women, Jane can’t help but feel distressingly plain in her gray clothes. If she had known her only purpose was to give Rochester the pleasure of her company, she could have borne her discomfort with peace of mind and grace.

Of course, by the time we get to the, “Gah! I conspired to be a bigamist!” scene, my heart is melting. He was deceived into wedding a mad woman. His soul was too good to find joy in wine, women, and song. His heart beats again when he meets the smoldering Jane Eyre, with her dark eyes and pure heart. The one joy of his life is taken away, because in his time there is no divorce, and  Jane will not be his mistress.

Fate gives them a happy ending. After St. John, I couldn’t bear anymore misery. He’s so cold, so prickly. There’s none of the fire of Rochester in him. This dear reader was delighted with their marriage.

Lucky for me, I have my own brooding Rochester. While he may lack the prominent brow, my husband is obstinate and charming. I even use some the things he’s done in my writing. In the second book of my Ass Grabber Series, Gutter Punk, Tod wonders how he can pay back Carla for all her kindness. It occurs to him, he can convince Carla to quit her job doing animal research. She doesn’t need the money, and working with mice makes her cry. My real life husband was a big part of me quitting academia. Maybe one day I’ll get into why I don’t work in the sciences anymore, but that’s a story for another day.

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