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*Warning: This post contains pop so sumptuously saccharine it will eat your soul and make you purchase it. I f–ing love The Ting Tings*

When I rode the bus to work, I generally did so with noise-canceling headphones in and my Kindle in my lap (okay, sometimes I dozed off or stared out the dirty window at the weeds).  The natural result of this is that I’ve come to associate songs with books.

I found a copy of Jane Eyre illustrated by Dame Darcy, and I picked it up for my niece. Of course, I’d never read the thing, something easily rectified by a quick trip to Gutenberg. At the same time, I downloaded I Started Nothing by The Ting Tings. That’s Not My Name stuck in my head like glue. When Jane says, “My name is Jane…” I had a ready retort. My brain stumbled over the “Elliot” bit, the full quote being, “My name is Jane Elliot.”

Although, either Jane or name set it off in my head, the snappy little reel of song. And here’s the real insidious bit, I didn’t mind a damn, I just fiddled with my mp3 player so I could hear it again. In fact, I’ll probably go watch that video one more time.