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When I was kid, summer meant one thing to me: more time to read. We didn’t have a big library in my town, but I found enough to keep me busy. One day, when I was about thirteen or so, I decided I’d read some Literature. I had vague notions about Hemingway, so I went and picked up a book by him.

I just happened to grab The Garden of Eden. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a very special moment in a young girl’s life. It was my first dirty book.

“He held her tight around her breasts and he opened and closed his fingers feeling her and the hard erect freshness between his finger.” Pg. 17

“Then their lips were together and he felt her body against his and her breasts against his chest and her lips tight against his and then open, her head moving from side to side and her breathing and the feel of his belt buckle against his belly and in his hands.” Pg. 151

I’d never read anything like it. Both I and my hormones were mesmerized by those words. I read it again recently, and discovered my memory had magnified the amount of those passages, but not their ability to make me squirm, thighs pressed together tight, as I read.

The things Catherine did to David (as a teenager I’d reread those bits, slack-jawed with awe, wondering if it meant what I really thought it did: butt stuff), and then Catherine and Marita, and David and Marita. No wonder I grew up to write perverted novels. This was hot stuff, hiding out in literature!

I went on to read Norman Mailer (who did not disappoint), Jane Auel (no disappointment there either), Wally Lamb. All books relatives would nod at me for reading then blink once they realized there was SEX in them.

Sometime soon after that, I took up watching movies all night on IFC and William Burroughs. I was always very happy knowing, if my parents knew what I was watching or reading, they’d be horrified.

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