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TheVampireGallery-ByAntoinetteM-1600x2477Unlucky. Unloved. And now undead.

Maria hasn’t been touched in years and sustains herself on her friends’ sexual encounters. She’s coerced into trying out internet dating, and she soon attracts the attention of a stud named Jamie. When he invites her out for a beer, she accepts, her mind focused on the one thing she wants—a warm body pressed against hers. Jamie makes her laugh and she invites him in, never guessing that he’s doesn’t want to bed her, but drink her.

The Vampire’s Gallery follows Maria as she leaves one life of dull city apartments for another of sex, sensation, and blood. She rattles the stilted hierarchy of Jamie’s home when she makes the ancient, distant vampire feel again.

But what about the vampires that surround Jamie? Who are her enemies, who are her friends, and who’s just pretending?

Warning: This book contains sanguine vampire seductions, M/F/M scenes, waltzing, and light bondage.

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He took a step away from me. “This isn’t a museum—you can touch the art.”

I made my way to the statues, and he told me, “They’re made of marble and ebony, Grecian and Victorian. They’re also my favorites. You have a good eye.”

I stood in front of the carved Jamie. A youth enervated the statue’s limbs. Unlike the man, nothing ancient hung about the marble. A gilded wreath of laurel crowned his brow, and he held a lyre. Even frozen in stone, his smile was familiar. I touched the cold lips, and behind me Jamie purred. My nipples pebbled at the sound, an icy trickle working down my spine.

His light touch skimmed up the back of my leg, sending shivers through my skin. I trailed my hand down the statue’s throat, and he moved closer to me, cupping my thigh, just below my ass. I slipped my hand lower, and his slipped higher. I arched my back, bringing my breasts against the marble and my ass more firmly into his hand.

He fell to his knees behind me, tearing off my underwear. He licked me from my clit to my quivering asshole, back and forth, until my knees trembled.

“Are you going to fall?” he asked.


“Do you feel faint?”

“No, just very, very horny.” I wiggled my ass as I spoke.

Whirling me around, he picked me up by my thighs, resting my cunt over his cock. He held me tighter as I bucked against him. His tongue was in my mouth, and as I sucked it, my fangs slid in. A strange sensation, my gums moving aside to make room for them.

“Go ahead and gnaw on me with your new teeth.”

I bit his lip, and honey coated my tongue. I moaned, suckling his lip. He pressed me to the bed and pulled my dress over my head. Jamie stripped, revealing the tight cords of his muscles, and then he was over me, rubbing his throat to my mouth. “Do you want me to drink from you, master?”

“Yes, and I’m going to impale you with my cock while you take your fill. Bite me.”

I rubbed his throbbing vein with my lips as he pushed at my entrance. I sank my teeth into him, and he thrust himself home. His blood poured down my throat like ambrosia, and I was lost in the sensation of his life flowing into me. His heart faltered, a skip, and I stopped. A fatigue suffused his limbs, and I didn’t want my master to be weak.

“Take a little more,” he said. “I’m going to have to feed today regardless. Besides, in a weakened state, I’m still stronger than any vampire here.”

I flicked my tongue over the blood smeared on his neck. “Do you like it when I nibble on you?” I asked, coyly rolling his blood vessel between my teeth.

In reply, his hips picked up their rhythm and he pushed my leg against my chest, allowing him to pound the back of my pussy. Gripping his head, I held him to my mouth and bit again. This time I drew long, slow mouthfuls, lapping at the wound between breaths.

“Yes, that’s perfect. I want you to come on my cock while I rub your clit.”

“Yes, master,” I said.

“I love hearing you say that with my dick pummeling you and my blood on your lips.”

Doesn’t he have a dirty mouth?