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Welcome to my Naughty New Year’s Post!

2012 was a sexy and exciting year for me. I got married. I quit my job as a lab rat, researching cancer and what have you, to embark upon my career as an author. I’ve done a lot of writing, and even more editing. Mostly it’s been learning. Lucky me, a lot of that was done in an erotica class with Shanna Germain.

For me, the New Year holds the release of my first novelette, The Vampire’s Gallery, due out in early February. I’m busy preparing for a blog tour and writing the sequel. It’s all a little terrifying, but not being at least mildly freaked out is probably a sign that I’m doing it wrong. Here’s a quick peek:

Unlucky. Unloved. And now undead.

Maria hasn’t been touched in years and sustains herself on her friends’ sexual encounters. She’s coerced into trying out internet dating, and she soon attracts the attention of a stud named Jamie. When he invites her out for a beer, she accepts, her mind focused on the one thing she wants—a warm body pressed against hers. Jamie makes her laugh and she invites him in, never guessing that he’s doesn’t want to bed her, but drink her.

The Vampire’s Gallery follows Maria as she leaves one life of dull city apartments for another of sex, sensation, and blood. She rattles the stilted hierarchy of Jamie’s home when she makes the ancient, distant vampire feel again.

But what about the vampires that surround Jamie? Who are her enemies, who are her friends, and who’s just pretending?

My goals for 2013 include writing more vampire smut, and reading more vampire smut. Red Grow the Roses and Blood Knot were among my favorites. During my class with Shanna Germain, I brushed up a short piece, a gay vampire erotica that I’m going to expand. It’s a Romeo Juliet thriller, and I’m excited to get back to work on it.

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