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For this week, I wanted to skip over into (I almost wrote Tod because that’s the name of the main male character of the story I’m working on) John’s perspective. And why not some more masturbation?

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What had inspired me to ask her out, I’ll never know. While I was doubled over in pain, thinking things couldn’t go any worse, I resolved to make the best of it. After all, she wasn’t heartless, she had to feel bad about that nut shot her dog managed to pull of. I figured I’d play on her sympathies for a date. To my surprise, it worked.

Closing my eyes, I could see Kerry’s pretty blond hair, her vivid green eyes, and bright smile. Her dog was a beast. To be honest, seeing a petite girl like her with a massive dog was a turn-on. Not that Shoe wasn’t a fine specimen of a hound. She was the perfect wing women, and today she’d done a superb job.

“Want a treat, girl?” I asked her once we got back home.

She skittered a quick circle, an enthusiastic yes. I grabbed a Milkbone.

“Sit,” I said, holding the back of my hand up to her. “Paw up,” I told her, holding my forearm close to her.

She put her two little paws on my arm and delicately took the biscuit from my hand. Shoe was a pretty French bulldog, a reverse brindle. When she was born, one toe had been cut off during the Cesarean, and as a pup she’d worn a shoe, earning her name.

“Good girl.” I patted her head then wiped the drool off her face. One nice thing about dating a girl with a bulldog, I wouldn’t have to explain the towels all over the floor.

Okay, there would be a lot of nice things about dating her. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair. I took my time shaving, careful not to cut myself. I styled my hair with some fancy hair gunk.

Shoe could sense my excitement. She dashed around my feet as I paced from my closet to my bureau. I finally opted for the the t-shirt of a robot my sister got me and some cargo pants with my green sneakers. It was as close to cute as I got.

I still had about an hour to kill. With nothing better to do I stripped off my clothes and let my imagination run wild. I conjured Kerry to lay by my side, to breathe in my ear and trail her fingers up my chest as I worked my hand over my mushroom head.

I moaned and it was her fingers that closed over balls. “That feels good,” I told her. She would smile at me and press her tits against my arm.

Precum dribbled out of my head and I worked over my cock. “Oh Kerry,” I said. A second later, my nuts tightened and I surged in my hand. I mopped up the mess with a tissue.

“Never go out with a loaded gun,” I told Shoe when I let her back in the room. Before I left I made sure to settle Shoe into her little bed. “Lazy dog, you’re just going to sleep the whole time I’m gone, aren’t you?”

She gave a contented sigh and closed her eyes.

When I started down the street for my date, I was almost skipping.

Next week, the date! I think I’m going to stick with John for another three turns and develop him a bit more.

I hope you like the dogs. They’re based on real dogs. Despite their difference in size, (30 lbs. vs. 95 lbs.) they were/are adept at stealing beds. Don’t worry, they’ll have their own love affair too. The real Sasha wrestles with an adorable English bulldog (she launches herself off of things onto him), so I’ve got a good idea about the mechanics.