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Please note: 18 + This scene contain adult content, and an old fashioned Hitachi Magic Wand. Sorry for the delay. I hope you all enjoy Kerry getting ready for her date. Find more Romantic Monday Posts here!

My decision was made by the fact that the Squirrel Cage had food. I would forgo food for masturbation. I exchanged an awkward glance with Sasha before I closed the door.

I sat down on the bed and remembered I’d left my vibrator in the bathroom, drying on the edge of the sink, for like a week. You’d think always having to scramble to put my toys away when company unexpectedly showed up would have taught me better habits, but nope.

Sasha was right out my door.

“You gotta make this weird huh?” I asked and he thumped his tail.

John’s mouth, his smiling blue eyes, put any thought of the dog out of my head. I plugged my vibrator into the wall then stuck it on my belly to warm up. In the meantime I grabbed my breasts, loving the feel of my nipples puckering under the padding of my bra. I unhooked it and pushed everything up, exposing myself with my clothes still on, like John and I were furtively groping each other in the park. Each twist of my nipple sent a trickle of pleasure between my legs.

“Oh John, suck on them John.” I said his name as if the word could conjure him—eager and stripping off his clothes—to my room. I licked my nipple with my own tongue, imagining John’s head bent over me.
My hand crept between my legs, and I rubbed my sex through my thick jeans.

I couldn’t stand teasing myself anymore. I shucked off my pants and underwear, and turned on my vibrator. It filled the room with a dull throbbing buzz.

Parting my lips, I nestled the pulsing head in my pink folds. My whole body lit up with sparks of pleasure. My muscles snapped tight, and one leg twitched in a rapid rhythm.

Strange noises came from my mouth as I worked the vibrator in slow circles. Down and I felt it hum inside my pussy. Up and all the nerves in my clit jangled. Back and forth, I was so juicy I didn’t even need lube.

“John… Kiss my pussy.”

In my mind his blue eyes lit up, his hands pressed my knees apart, his pink tongue stretched out of his mouth.

“Ungh…” I came. My legs kicked, my sex clenched with pleasure, and tingles pitter pattered out from my spine all the way to the back of my head.

The silence in the room was palpable after I turned off my toy. The next thing I heard was the clicking of the dog’s nails as he paced in the hall.

I ran to the bathroom. I wanted to see what time it was, but if I looked and saw I had an hour left, I’d dawdle in the shower. If I thought I only had twenty minutes, I’d rush.

I washed lickety-split. If I was lucky, I’d have time to blow dry my hair. My fingers lingered over my sex, and I had to force myself to keep moving. Play this date right, and it would be someone else’s fingers touching me.

For once in my life, I was on time and put together. Sasha was in his steel welded cage with a bone and NPR to keep him company. My cute purse was ready to rock and roll. With a big grin, I headed off for my date.

I’m thinking for next week, it might be fun to switch over to John’s POV. Let me know what you think.