Okay, the dog’s not to blame. I am. I forgot to write a post for this (I missed Six Sentence Sunday as well, I’m on a roll here). I’m offering you instead my homework. Don’t worry, it’s sexy homework. I present to you my flash fiction! Let’s call her Layla.


My parents weren’t charging the male race to flirt with me when they named me Layla, but that was how guys felt, even the nerds at the lab.

“Hey Layla, need help sexing the mice?”

“Can I watch you set up breedings, Layla?”

They rolled my name over their tongues, a piece of me they could taste. Their duty done, they went back to their Western blots and dissections.

I got used to it.

Henry didn’t flirt. Tall and lanky, with melting brown eyes, he shied away from the crowd like a nervous colt. My girl brain lusted after him on some primal level. His intense gaze felt like a finger in my pussy. He was smart and funny when people were quiet enough for him to speak. With loudmouths like Farsad around, bragging about how he barely passed his sexual harassment training, those times were rare.

One day, I was getting suited up to go in the mouse room when Henry was coming out.

We smiled and nodded. I was about to turn away, but Henry was staring at me.

He pointed his body at me and gave me a sexy little grin. He unzipped his bunny suit with such sensual slowness I expected to see him naked underneath. At the first glimpse of pale skin, I pressed my thighs together.

Henry wore a button-down. He flipped open those little holes, baring his chest to me. I eyed him like a mare in heat as his shirt parted to reveal his waist.

God, if he takes his pants off, I’m going to jump him.

He slipped the coverall down his hips. When he bent over, he made sure to give me an eyeful of his ass.

I wanted to bite it.

“Want get a drink tonight?” he asked.


So, I’m sorry, that’s all of that saucy pair you get. There are more Romantic Monday entries to be found. I know, you want more Layla. She was inspired by Lorelei from Lindsey Flinch Bedder’s story, The Full Girlfriend Experience. That is available, for free, from Smashwords, along with a story by me and a few other familiar names, in the book Short Smut, Vol. 1.