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So, this is a post about sales, blogging, and how not to publish a story.

I see two blondes and a brunette, but no redheads.

Don’t publish it like a redheaded step-child, without even so much as an announcement on your blog. I mean, I’d like to welcome you all to purchase A Tale of Two Clitties, my latest smut! And yes, Dickens is rolling in his grave, and no, there’s nothing to be done about it, all his works are public domain.

Seriously though, the woman listed as its editor wasn’t aware it was out in the public, and a few people have bought it.

To boost sales, I’m going to try a Virginia, and burn out all my free days on Amazon. I’m going to take advantage sites listing books for free, and hope all goes well. Gutter Punk is a hop and a skip away from being ready to rock and roll, so I’ll finish off with that and get it out the door. Ditto Vanessa’s Affair (which will actually be sent off to a publisher).

After that, Vampire’s Gallery needs dealt with. I suspect most of my writing efforts will be going to produce little snippets of text for here and Literotica. I just can’t pursue a complex story and edit.

I’m on the fence about the utility of Blog Hops (I am the last person on the list for the Alpha-Male Hop), but at the same time too, not a lot of effort is required. I can pitch $5 in the pot, give away a book, and it’s not cost me much. Speaking of blog hops, I wish I wrote horror so I could put this Coffin Hop badge up. I might do it anyways. The Superjail! smut I wrote is kind of horrific.

One way I’ve increase blog traffic (and general levels of knowledge and amusement) is spending more times on other blogs. If I’m lucky, people come here and share their miscellaneous head leavings. The comments on my blog about picking up dog crap are pretty funny/informative.

While my dreams of going on a Lolita shopping spree have not materialized, altogether it could be worse.