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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema [Public domain], via WikiPaintings

“We will not kill you,” Hewa said, giving the man to her husband. “Sit here.” She patted the bed beside her, her teeth showing in her smile.
I did, and she wrapped me in her arms. She breathed death into my face and stroked my hair as her husband finished the man off. My heart slowly calmed in her embrace.

This is an original story, chronicling how three of the characters of my upcoming novelette, The Vampire’s Gallery, met. What you missed can be found here. It’s part of Six Sentence Sunday. Click the link for more awesome stories!
Please note: This is set around 1 BC, and is light when it comes to historical accuracy. I mean, no one’s going to whip out some matches or a PSP, but there are probably details I’ll get wrong.