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Jose Tapiro Y Baro [Public domain], via Wikigallery

Hewa raised her head, blood on her lips, the limp man in her arms.
We stared at one another for a minute.
“He tried to rob me.” The man convulsed, and her long elegant fingers gripped him tighter.
“And I was hungry.” Her graceful head bent back over him, and she was more beautiful than any queen as she took his throat in her mouth.

This is an original story, chronicling how three of the characters of my upcoming novelette, The Vampire’s Gallery, met. What you missed can be found here. It’s part of Six Sentence Sunday. Click the link for more awesome stories!
Please note: This is set around 1 BC, and is light when it comes to historical accuracy. I mean, no one’s going to whip out some matches or a PSP, but there are probably details I’ll get wrong.