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What you are about to see are four very different covers. It’s going to take a minute, so let’s get started!

Here’s my first cover for Ass Grabber, thrown together with Aubrey Watts tutorial close by. I got the image from Romance Novel Covers for $15. It’s okay. It does have ass grabbing.

And we have female hands on a male ass!

This next one is a little more ambitious, and occurred after a rebranding. I wanted to play up the romantic side of the book. I scoured the web for public domain images of buses, and I finally stumbled upon this lovely image of the interior of a hydrogen powered bus in London (thanks Spsmiler). I got the image for $12.50 at colourbox. It’s more ambitious and works well with the title shift (Love on the 500) but it’s not amazing.

As you can see, my GIMP skills are still developing.

So, one more before I get to to the good one. Using the same image from colourbox, and a couple of brushes from Obsidian Dawn (okay, all 3 of the glitter brushes), and the same colors from the bus, I put this together. It’s less tacked together. I started with a transparency in a darker blue, covered it in glitter smoke, worked up another 2 lighter shades, then layered light red glitter II over that. I added the title and author name, and finished off with some dark red glitter swirls. While I’m not in love with this here, it’s definitely something I’ll try again. I’d like to note, I love that I can download all these brushes, and pay as needed, although at $3 each, I might as well buy them.

I’m not in love with it.

So, Obsidian Dawn’s brushes met those lovely bus colors, and gave birth to the image I’ll end up using. I needs works, I won’t argue that, but here I feel like I’m “onto something”. Also, it’s only $3 (foliage swirls brushes). Although, should probably look at the rest, for research, ya know (did research, see post from 2 AM last night).

The background needs work, among other things, but this is the basic idea.