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So, I think during the duration of The Hero’s Blog Hop, I sold -1 copy of The Altar of Deimos. What could have happened?

1) Not leading with my best foot (The Altar of Deimos, while not a bad story, is short, and my ultimate intention is for it to be free).
2) Not participating (I was getting married, so I had a good excuse).
3) Description needs sprucing up.
4) Cover art needs tweaking.

Well, we’re going to fix all of these for Love on the 500’s spin with Romancing the Hop. I’m working on the description/cover, I think it’s a great story and people seem to like it, and I’m going to try and hit up 5 sites a day.

Not that results were all bad. While the hop may have been a commercial flop, it definitely drew people to my blog, lots of people commented, and I ended up with a few new followers. The woman who runs these blog hops is just lovely, great about communication (like she will email you back within 24 hours if not seconds, normally seconds), it’s all easy peasy.

I’ve also discovered that people who include everyone’s links right in their blog are a blessing, but my current post is really long, and if I add a list of 200 names, I’m going to feel like I owe people another $5 for scrolling through everything (offering a $10 Amazon gift card again). At the very least I’ll give it a shot, but at this point I’m on the fence, again, due to the sheer volume of names.

Also, I’m not commenting this time. I can’t flipping count, and if I comment I have to count how many people commented before I determine my random number. I will thank people after (if WordPress doesn’t yell at me for typing “thank you” too many times).

Last time I wrote a bit of orignal backstory to go with the book, and I think I’ll try that again, unless it ends up being dreadful in which case nertz.

This is the basic idea. I’ll probably fool around with the text art some more.