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Nothing quite reminds you of the peculiarities of US culture like an episode of Superjail! Adult Swim is gearing up for the new season (9/30, I can’t wait) and in the meantime they’re running the old episodes. People getting torn apart, eviscerated, decapitated, sliced and diced, etc., is all part of the fun in this bloody psychedelic Wonderland.

A nipple, though, heaven forbid we catch sight of a nipple! The clip here has a lot of characteristic violence (uncensored) and the Warden’s wang and Hunter’s nipples (censored). You really have to wonder about what kind of society we live in where a woman’s naked body is less acceptable than that same woman ripping a man in half.

No wonder smut authors are subject to all manner of censorship, subtle and overt. See Selena Kitt for an expanded discussion. Please note: she has other posts on the subject as well, which are all worth reading, or at least skimming.

It’s also deeply disturbing when you think about it. Sexuality is considered crossing some line, but violence is not. We can have shows that plumb the depths of human darkness (Criminal Minds), with all the blood and gore and perversion to sate any modern Jack the Ripper. Graphic portrayals of consensual sex? Are you crazy? Think of the children.

I know this topic seems like it’s been beaten to death, but given that it’s still a problem, there must be some life still twitching in those limbs.

This isn’t a criticism of Adult Swim either. I’m the type of spaz that likes their content. I’ve spent many bleary eyed nights, writing with Squidbillies or Robot Chicken in the background. I’d rather have the dick episode of Aqua Teen censored than not have it all—wait, scratch that. That’s a terrible example. That may be the one case where censorship does ruin it. With the exception of that episode, I’m okay with it.

I did wish they sold Superjail! uncensored because the black bars ruin the aesthetics, not because I want to seen an alien vagina.