I’ve been writing. I’m throwing together something for Ellora’s Cave’snew line of erotica for men. Here’s a little peek (Brandon is hiding in the closet, watching his wife Vanessa with her lover Jack):

All Jack wanted to do at the moment was make her squirm and laugh, her body bucking into him. She giggled so hard she snorted.
“Sh…you’re going to wake the neighbors,” Jack said, licking her ear. His hand darted into her armpit and she almost threw him off her, convulsing with laughter. Her hands broke free, and she gamely let him catch them again.  He mouthed her underarm then, and his wife’s face turned red, she was laughing so hard. “Vanessa, you have to be quiet.”
His shoes hit the floor with a double thump, and he wriggled out of his pants. He licked Vanessa’s neck until she moaned. “Sh…”
“I hate you,” she whispered, just loud enough for Brandon to hear.
“Sh…” he said again, rubbing his cock against her ass. “Or I’ll send you home, without any of this.” He jabbed at her, shaking the bed.
She moaned again, arching into him, and he purred in her ear, “Sh…” Rolling over to his side, he groped his wife’s breast. He didn’t bother removing her bra, instead pushing it up so she spilled out. Her dress was wrinkled up around her neck, and Jack pushed it up farther, pulling it over her head, tanglin it in her arms.
Her whole body writhed as he twisted her nipple, her ear pinched between his teeth. She whimpered, and Jack stilled as he hushed her. Her head bowed, and Jack pulled off his boxers, letting his cock drip on her ass. He stuffed his free hand down her panties, again stopping should Vanessa do anything but pant.

I’ve been getting feedback on stuff. I got two really good reads on my short story, A Tale of Two Clitties (thanks Lindsey and Mac).

I’ve been going through my own stuff, and I have a 3rd draft of Gutter Punk, #2 of the Ass Grabber series (here’s #1) ready for more fussing.

I’ve been doing beta-reads of other people’s work as well. I even joined CritiqueCircle, and I’ve thrown some stuff up on Literotica.

By now, it should be blatantly obvious what I haven’t been doing, the one thing a writer should always be doing: reading. Beyond blogs and pissing off on Literotica, I’ve not been doing any reading. Not my contemporaries, no treats from Gutenberg, none of the various books I’ve purchased recently. My nose has been on the writing (and until recently, wedding) grindstone. As a writer, as someone who wants people to enjoy reading my stories, there’s really no excuse for not continuing my education. I’m not saying that news articles/blogs/etc. aren’t reading, but rather are just one of the many things that I should be consuming.

Today, I’m spending a half an hour reading Lindsey Flinch Bedder’s new book Trapper and Emmeline (the horror!).