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Here’s a preview of the cover I made for my upcoming novel The Vampire’s Gallery. I’ll probably play with the image a bit more, clean up the text, maybe pick a different color for the bar on the bottom, but that’s the basic design.

The gold lettering is pretty neat huh? I started using a tutorial from the GIMP site, and when I got lost I just Googled “GIMP bumpmap tutorial. After all that work, and it looks weird with the picture of Versailles I was using as a background. I ended up “colorizing” it. It needs cleaned up yet.

(Since writing this, I’ve posted this to Reddit and have been forced to come to the conclusion that I need to follow my own advice and design several covers. This one will still be in the running, cuz I love it. Any comments welcome.)

18+ Content

Since I’ve got you all excited with the cover, here’s a sexy little snippet from it:

He pulled me, and we moved in a flash. Everything settled around me, and we stood in front of a great four poster bed draped in gold. He grabbed my chin and cunt, and as he kissed me, he bit my lip. “I cannot decide which I want more, this,” he growled, licking my lips. “Or this,” he finished, rubbing my twat.

“Both,” I said, leaning into him.

“Such a clever little rat. Take off your pretty necklace first, I don’t want to break it.” He gathered my hair in his hands, and pushed me to sit on his bed. I undid the silver clasp and set it on his nightstand. The whole room was cluttered with art, from primitive masks to over a hundred paintings. There were slave markets and negro princes painted by every major school of western art. With my new eyes, I could make out the details of the brushstrokes. Jamie stood in front of me, and I could sense his approval. He wanted me to see something.

A dizzying array of paintings, their frames crowding each other, all depicting at least one black person, standing in the foreground or lurking in the back. There had to be a reason for it. A great mirror hung on a wall and seeing the room reflected in its surface, I realized he was posing in every painting.

“These all have you in them,” I said and he nodded.

With all the stunning portraits scattered about, I don’t know how I missed him. A pair of  life-sized sculptures stood in a corner, one black, one white. I wanted to touch them, because I felt shy about touching Jamie.

He took a step away from me. “This isn’t a museum, you can touch the art.”

I made my way to them, and he told me, “They’re made of marble and ebony, Grecian and Victorian. They’re also my personal favorites from my collection. You have a good eye.”

I stood in front of the marble Jamie. A youth moved in the limbs of the statue that he no longer had. A gilded wreath of laurel crowned his brow, and he held a lyre. Even rendered in stone, his smile was familiar. I touched the cold lips, and behind me Jamie purred. His hand skimmed up the back of my leg, sending shivers through my skin. I trailed my hand down the statue’s throat, and he moved closer to me, his hand cupping around my thigh, just below my ass. I slipped my hand lower, and his slipped higher. I arched my back, bringing my nipples against the marble and my ass more firmly in his hand.

He fell to his knees behind me, tearing off my underwear. He licked me from my clit to my quivering asshole, back and forth, until my knees trembled. “Jamie, I can’t come if you make me stand here. I’m too afraid I’ll break your beautiful statue.”

Whirling me around, he picked me up by my thighs, resting my cunt over his cock. He held me tighter as I bucked against him. His tongue was in my mouth, and as I sucked it, I felt the strange sensation of my fangs sliding in.

“Go ahead and gnaw on me with your new teeth,” he said.

I bit his lip, and honey coated my tongue. I moaned, suckling his lip. Pressing me to the bed, he pulled my dress over my head. Jamie stripped, revealing the tight cords of his muscles, then he was over me, rubbing his throat to my mouth. “Do you want me to drink from you, master?”

“Yes, and I’m going to impale you with my cock while you take your fill. Bite me.”

I rubbed his throbbing vein with my lips as his dick pushed at my entrance. I sank my teeth into him, and he thrust himself home. His blood poured down like ambrosia in my throat, and I was lost in the sensation of his life flowing into me. His heart faltered, only a beat, but I stopped. There was a fatigue in his limbs, and I didn’t want my master to be weak.

“Take a little more, I’m going to have to feed today regardless. Besides, in a weakened state, I’m still stronger than any vampire here.”

I flicked my tongue over the blood smeared on his neck. “Do you like it when I nibble on you?” I asked, coyly rolling his vessel between my teeth.

In reply, his hips picked up their rhythm and he pushed my leg against my chest, allowing him to pound the back of my pussy. Gripping his hair, I held him to my mouth and bit again. This time I drew long slow mouthfuls, lapping at the wound between breaths.

“Yes, that’s perfect. I want you to come on my cock while I rub your clit.”

“Yes, master.”

“I love hearing you say that with my cock pummeling into you and my blood on your lips.”

His fingers blurred on my clit, and as I threw my head back, blood sprayed from my mouth. My legs pumped in the air as I grunted. I came, waves of pleasure rippling over me as my pussy fluttered on his cock.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” he said, and nimbly moved to straddle my face, my twat still pulsing. With one hand I held the base of his cock, the other rubbed my clit, seeking another release. Jamie fucked my face while reaching back to dip his fingers in my hole. I started moaning and undulating my hips.

Sputtering, Jamie took my hair and jammed my face further onto his cock. I opened my mouth wide and smiled as much as I could, choking on his dick. “Oh, keep smiling while you eat my cock.”

I moaned with the joy of knowing I had pleased him, and I felt his cock surge. This time, his cum tasted sweet, and again I licked every drop from him.

I hope you enjoyed it!