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So, I’m doing this:

More info here.  (others coming up to, so don’t fret if you missed this one).

I have to say, something’s wrong with me, because I’m getting married July 28th and will be posting with a disclaimer stating I’ll probably be a bit slow getting back to people, cuz you know, wedding.

Regardless, I’ve been getting The Altar of Deimos ready to rock and roll. He has a new cover, a new blurb, and I’ve done a day in the life of an Incubus entry for the hop. I’m going to give away a $10 gift card for Amazon, and spend some money for the pot, probably a $20 investment total. Hopefully it will pay off.

In regards to Carrie Ann, the woman in charge, the words pleasant and professional spring to mind. She’s got some great advice on her blog. Her emails about the hop are timely (neither too late nor too early), easy to understand. And she responds to questions fast. A+, will hop around with again.

On a personal note, I really hope this does get a bit more traffic. I can honestly say, while I’ve had some great confidence building moments as a writer, my sales remain rather dismal. Thankfully, I’m kind of a dork, and get a lot of satisfaction from interacting with people. If you’re in the same spot, just starting out, bummed out by not moving product, may I suggest bullshitting with some of the writers you know online.

You can also give away your book, via Kindle Select or something. There’s a bevy of information out there about people’s experiences with doing this. Mine via Kindle select is a mix of “OMG people are reading shit I wrote!” and “meh”.