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I had this dream so awful, I had to wake my fiance so he could laugh at it and make me feel better.

In it he was having an affair with this man (in my dream world, he was bi, and this was normal) and he was spending way more time with him than me. I was all upset because we’re getting married, and I’m like, Why are we getting married if you’re in love with this other man?

I try and confront him about it, but he’s all, Hey, I told so-and-so (the guy) that I’d go over to his place and eat some marbled ham.

So I’m weeping, and he’s going on about marbled ham.

I wake up from this stupid dream, and I still have all these emotions of being hurt and confused and this is a paraphrase of what I mumbled to my fiance at 6 one morning. Thankfully he was amused.