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So, I’ve been getting a bit of feedback from my beta-readers on The Vampire’s Gallery.

This time I used Calibre to convert the files, but thus far they’re both reading it on Google Docs. I tend to upload every chapter together in a folder, then give them access via email to the folder. I like having each chapter separated because I feel it produces a more manageable size of a document.

In the case of the one woman, who is also a writer, when she didn’t get back to me I just started working on her stuff. I mean, I should have been working on it anyways, but this is why I think exchanging manuscripts works well. There’s a bit more give and take to the situation. You generally don’t agree to look at someone’s stuff intending to ignore them, and when you do ignore them, you feel guilty. Getting feedback from that person generally works well in motivating you. I say this from someone who’s been on both sides. Essentially, you can can keep each other motivated. We’ve been in touch a lot lately, and I think we’ve both gotten good notes.

The other woman, who does not have stuff for me to read, I just harassed her via chat on gmail and she caught some typos for me. She’s ridiculously busy right now, so I probably won’t be harassing her much. I did send her a some e-card for her birthday, but that’s more because I like to find excuses for sending people some e-cards.

I put little questions at the end, just to give direction in case they wanted it, and I’ve gotten an answer for one: Yes the orgy is gratuitous but also awesome.

Altogether though, I’m very happy with the way things are working out. I have an “every little bit helps” attitude about this stuff, and I also really enjoy working with the first woman on her writing.