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It’s two weeks before the wedding, and I want to know why the hell we didn’t elope.

All of sudden, who’s actually marrying us is up in the air. Thankfully my one friend is willing to do it. There’s definitely a baby at the wedding now. Our dog might be coming too, because the people who were supposed to watch him are now involved with the ceremony.

Speaking of which, I have no idea what’s happening with that. At some point, we’ll say “I do”, jam rings on each other’s fingers, and kiss.

My fiance has been combining his powers of procrastination with his ADD hyperfocus, and I’ll admit, it’s been driving me a little nutty lately. Thankfully most of the big decisions have been made.

Which leave me with one burning question: Why am I not drinking beer? It’s like 7:30 Friday night. I set these things up to post while I’m still sleeping the next day. Although I’ll probably want a beer when I wake up tomorrow.

Also, look at this recipe for Philadelphia Fish House Punch. Sounds perfect for a summer wedding, no?