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It will eat your life, it will also yield fun toys like this, The Writer’s Diet, posted in r/writing by blue_teapot. Apparently even my rough drafts are pretty lean. I’ve been murdering “that”, “there was”, to be verbs in general, and “started to” from my other works with fervor. It seems that all my editing is producing better first drafts, because I notice those words now, and if possible, I avoid them. If not, I just say “I’ll fix it later” because I try not to putter on the rough draft.

Speaking of editing, we’ve all scanned the basics like a gagillion times. It was after I was scanning Excessica’s Editing Guidelines that I finally went on a witch hunt for certain words. For instance, that last sentence was terrible. Let’s try it again: Scanning Excessica’s Editing Guidelines, the basics really stuck and I went on a witch hunt for certain words in my writing.

I also got myself excited for 30 seconds thinking they were open for submissions again, cuz talk about drool. I was getting ready to send them The Vampire’s Gallery squealing like a girl, when I noticed the second thing it says on their submission guideline page is they’re closed for submissions.