This is a hot little excerpt from the now abandoned Rosalind. In this portion, Princess Mary has discovered that Rosalind does not love her husband, but rather the Duke de Nemours. She uses this secret to blackmail Rosalind into fooling around with her. Rosalind’s husband, the Prince, also has a few secrets.


François Boucher [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Prince spent his mornings in court, and Rosalind accompanied him. Princess Mary had summoned Rosalind to her inner chambers. Rosalind wore the jewels given to her by Diana. She hoped there was an implication that she was now under the protection of the King’s Mistress, and not to be blackmailed. Even better would be to find others assembled there, but she doubted her luck was so good.

She found Mary alone and artfully undressed. She could have been posing for a portrait dishabille, but she was posing for Rosalind. Mary did not speak, but instead motioned for Rosalind to seat herself on her lap. Rosalind’s voice was stuck in her throat, and she settled herself numbly in Mary’s arms. She took Rosalind’s hand and pressed it against her bosom.

“You are so pretty when you blush,” she said, then kissed Rosalind. “Let me help you remove that gown.” Mary twisted Rosalind’s shoulders so she could unlace her dress. She pulled it back from the Rosalind’s chest, and the young woman stood up, clutching her gown to her.

“These are not kisses, your Highness,” she said.

“Those jewels Diana gave you are lovely. Why don’t we make this our last meeting? Indulge me now, and I will never trouble you again,” Mary said.

Rosalind unfastened her panniers, and her gown fell to the ground. She sat on Mary’s knee. The scent of rose mingled with lavender.

Mary pulled Rosalind’s chemise down to lick where her breasts swelled over her corset. When she kissed Rosalind, it was all tongue and spit. “Kiss me, fondle my breasts,” Mary commanded her.

Rosalind suckled on Mary’s bottom lip and pinched her nipples through her chemise. Mary reached down to pull up Rosalind’s petticoats, and rudely took her sex. She was using four fingers penetrate her, and her thumb to work her little bud.

Rosalind threw her arms around Mary’s neck, too overcome to remember her instructions. Mary stuck two of her fingers in her mouth, and then worked them into Rosalind’s anus. With her two hands working together inside Rosalind, Mary made her come and come again, her hips undulating.
When Rosalind started to push Mary away she was still. She very slowly removed her fingers as Rosalind twitched.

Mary helped her to stand in a minute, and led her to a couch. She washed her hands, then brought Rosalind a little wine to revive her. As she rested, Mary stroked her hair.

Rosalind drank, and as her mind became clear, she was troubled by the fact that the Princess Mary had accomplished something her husband had not. She did not know why, but making love with him was different now; she could not climax. There were so many secrets between them, she could not fully give herself to him, and only him it would seem.

Mary was assiduous in aiding Rosalind to dress. Before she left, Mary gave her a gift, a glittering diamond bracelet. Rosalind blushed, and protested, but she prevailed upon Rosalind to at least try it on, if only to please her.

She acquiesced, and when she wished for it to be taken off, Mary refused. Rosalind became angry, as she could not get the bracelet off herself. Mary kissed her, and told Rosalind she was always welcome to visit her private chambers.

Mary had caught rumors of Diana’s gift, and she thought there must be an affair. She thought her trinket might woo the young girl’s favor. Sticking her fingers in her mouth, she sucked off the traces of Rosalind left on her skin. She retired to her room to fantasize about Rosalind, and play her pretty little Anne. When d’Anville came to visit her later, he would find her well prepared for their tryst.

Rosalind could not even begin to fathom the meaning of the diamond bracelet. She found a bower in a dark corner of the garden where she thought about her position. The Duke would seek her out if she remained at court. The Princess Mary would also be here to tempt her with a lust so pure she felt like Mary was still touching her, and she became wet again. She was not surprised when the Chevalier de Guise joined her after an hour. He sat beside her with a troubled frown.

He fidgeted in his seat for a minute before he spoke. “I do not mean to accuse you, but, there is a certain odor which lingers on you, so strangely like the odor of love. Were your husband to meet you now, he would think Princess Mary had taken you for a lover.”

Rosalind became angry. “What are you…”

The Chevalier took her hand to soothe her. “You mistake my intent Rosalind. I want nothing from you, and I say these things to you as your friend.” He saw that she was no longer angry. “Come, there is a little brook close to here, and I have a little scent in my pocket.” He led her to an abandoned corner of the garden which contained a thin ribbon of water flowing through it.

He was handing Rosalind his handkerchief and sage cologne when they both realized that she would have to undress to wash herself. The two blushed, then laughed.

“I hate to ask this of you, Chevalier, but I am afraid I need your help.” Rosalind gathered the front of her skirt in her arms, and hid her face in petticoats.

The Chevalier knelt at her feet, stunned. The sight of her, red and swollen from love and smelling of lust inflamed him. For the first time in his life, he wanted a woman as a man should. “Oh Princess, I do not know if I can do this thing you ask of me. The sight of you makes me dizzy, I shall dishonor you.”

Rosalind craned her neck to try and see the Chevalier. She stepped back as he stood. He was holding his sex in his hand, and reaching for hers. “Chevalier, I…”

He froze. “I heard you, I heard you come for Princess Mary, and I want to see if you will come for me. Don’t you want to know, Rosalind, if it is only your husband who cannot bring you to a climax?”

Everyone was eager to know the answer to that question, including the Prince who was watching from the shadows. The Chevalier had arranged this for him after they spied on Mary with Rosalind. When the Prince realized what was happening, that Mary was blackmailing Rosalind for the keeping of some secret, the Prince pitied his wife. It was the first time he had thought about what it must be like for her, caught up in the intrigues of the court.

When the Chevalier had suggested this, that the Prince watch the seduction of his wife, he had agreed to it in part because it would ease his conscience. He had certainly sinned against his wife, in a myriad of ways, with his friendship with the Chevalier. Should she be unfaithful, in a situation with no coercion, she will have sinned against him too. He hoped the Chevalier succeeded, and tonight when he made love to her, he would think of Mary and Chevalier enjoying his wife.

Rosalind stood in the clearing, the very tip of the Chevalier’s finger on her sex. There was something strange, something about the look in eye the Chevalier’s eye that she recognized. It was the same gleam she saw when she caught him and her husband talking to one another in whispers with their cheeks all ruddy. They would stop as though she were interrupting some conspiracy, and she understood, that conspiracy was her.

The Chevalier’s eyes kept flicking to one dark corner, and no doubt the Prince hid there. She could feel his sharp blue eyes on her. It was as though she had her husband’s blessing, and she leaned forward, the Chevalier’s finger sliding between her lips.

“Is that a yes?” the Chevalier asked, and she nodded. His clumsy fingers began to pry at her tender sex. She was glad when he began to rub the head of his phallus against her. “Shall I make love to you?”

“Yes, I want you to make me come,” she said, caressing his sex. She wondered what effect her words had on her husband. The Chevalier tried to enter her as she stood in front of him. “It might be easier from behind,” she said. She positioned herself on her knees so her husband would have a good view of them.

The Chevalier was trembling as he knelt behind her. He pulled her buttocks back against him, and she had to position him so the tip of his phallus entered her. He took her hips and slowly sank his sex into her. He felt his entire phallus caressed, and he stayed like that for a moment, feeling the warm satin of her womb. When he started to move, it was in quick short strokes, which soon became him withdrawing from her sex then pounding his entire length into her. He would have come then and there had he not already touched himself twice today.

Rosalind kept glancing to where she thought her husband hid. The Chevalier’s artless vigor soon put out all other thoughts from her mind, and she climaxed. As he felt her womb grip him, the Chevalier came too. He had never imagined how exquisite the sensation of his own seed spilling back over his phallus could be. Rosalind’s womb was slick, and as he pulled out, he stared at his sex as though it had gained some magical property.

“I will really need your help in cleaning myself now,” she said.

The Chevalier recalled himself, and he wiped her, and scented her pale thighs. The Prince wanted to run to them, push the Chevalier away, and take her in the dirt. He wanted to feel the Chevalier’s seed leaking from his wife’s sex as he took her. They would have to retire from the court soon: he would be sick with desire until they did.

More about the text:
This was an erotic retelling of the Princess of Cleves by LaFayette. Ultimately, because it was a NaNoWriMo novel, it ended up getting pretty tangled. Add a large cast and court intrigue to it, and the text became unwieldy, so I’ll be sharing snippets with you! Maybe next NaNoWriMo, I’ll actually make and outline and try it again.