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I decided to sign up for Six Sentence Sunday. It worked out well in more ways than one.

I hate to admit, because it sounds more melodramatic than any person has the right to be, but I get mopey when I’m not working on anything. I’ve been doggedly editing A Vampire’s Gallery hoping to get out to beta-readers, and I haven’t been reading or writing.

Six Sentence Sunday is great for that problem. Twenty minutes, I’ve got a month and a half worth of blog posts. I decided to write it about the backstory of two of the major characters too, so it’s functioning as a character development exercise as well.

While checking out people’s links on the site, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Blog Hops hosted by an author, Carrie Ann.

Fussing with everything (getting the blog post set up for Sunday, adding the Blog Hop image) only took like half an hour, so that’s like 30 seconds in non-Luddite time.

Also, I should note I’ve not really had any luck just searching the internet for Blog Hops. If I can find a reliable method for finding them, I’ll let you know. Until then, I’ll be signing up for whatever Carrie Ann has going on.